Learn if You or Your Child are Displaying Signs of a Common Disorder.

Our easy to use learning and behavior checklist
will help you know if it's time for an expert evaluation.

Online Self Assessment

Take this short online assessment exam to uncover if your child
is in need of an early discovery evaluation.


  • Learn the key signs that help you decide to seek help
  • Discover important behavior patterns for each condition
  • Find out if you should seek help
  • Use as a guide for your discovery session

Drake Duane, MS MD

We have helped to transform the lives of 100's of patients who have suffered from the challenges of learning, behavioral and movement disorders. Our unique compassionate approach of early identification and intervention treatments has provided measurable improvements in learning, behavior, mood, and self-image.

This is test is designed to be a guide to act.
It does not replace a comprehensive evaluation by a medical professional.