Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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OCD is a long term illness
where symptomless periods are rare.


Obsessions are defined as thoughts, impulses, or images that occur over
and over again. These thoughts, impulses, or images are unwanted. They
cause a lot of anxiety or stress. Compulsions are defined as repeated behavior (for example, handwashing, placing things in a specific order, or checking things over and over, like whether the door is locked) or thought ( for example, praying, counting, or repeating words silently) over and over again or according to certain rules that must be followed exactly in order to make an obsession
go away.

1 in 100 Children

1 in 100

OCD is a chronic condition that is often disabling; affecting 1-3% of the pediatric population. Up to 30% of all people with OCD have a tic disorder during their life. By definition, individuals with OCD’s days are occupied by their obsessions for at least 1 hour when untreated.

If your child falls into one or more of these categories consider having
him or her evaluated for OCD. Early discovery is the key.

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Early Discovery is the KeyEarly intervention before school age can have
a significant impact on
a child’s ability to learn new skills as well as reduce
the need for costly interventions over time.

Early Discovery Is The Key.

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