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We unburden children and parents experiencing the challenges
of learning and behavioral disorders.

Dr. Drake Duane MS M.D.

Drake Duane, MS MD

“After over 20 years of treatment of learning, behavioral, and movement disorders I have found a real need to encourage early identification in order to ensure success in school and in adulthood.”

Our early detection and intervention program results in measurable improvements in learning skills, mood, social interaction, quality of life, and creative expression.

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Increase the odds of success for your child with Learning Disabilities.

Over 20 Years of
helping people with
Learning Disabilities
Live Better Lives.

"Dr. Duane is the only doctor that has ever understood our family. He treated my father; he now treats me, and my 4 children. I don’t know what we would do without him. It’s like he is another member of our family!"

"Our daughter is finally reading! Dr. Duane helped us diagnose and understand her issues with reading and she has advanced 3 levels just in this school year. We are forever grateful for his compassionate care, his commitment to his patient and truly understands of whats going on with them. His diagnosis and treatment is comprehensive and allows for a true diagnosis. We love Dr. Duane and will go wherever he his no matter where we live!"

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  • First Ever CDC Report on Children's Mental Health


    In 2013 the CDC issued it’s first-ever report to describe federal efforts on monitoring mental disorders, and presents estimates of the number of children aged 3-17 years with specific mental disorders.

  • But I am trying my hardest!


    A problem for many students with developmental disorders of attention or specific learning disabilities is convincing those around them often both teachers and parents that they are trying to do their best.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder in Children up 33%


    Millions of American children live with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette syndrome or a host of other mental health issues. ADHD was the most prevalent current diagnosis among children aged 3–17 years.

  • Should Medication be Used to Treat AD(H)D?


    Commonly in attention disorders, academic problems co-occur most commonly in reading comprehension and arithmetic calculation accuracy…but they may not or other academic issues may be present.

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